List of 92 Disabled Aviators!

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 with some e-mails & links to their articles and sites.

Sean Scott     NC.  ASC BFI    My Trike Pics 
Gerard Payne Greetings from Australia. I'm a 43 year old paraplegic as a result of a fall from a roof causing a spinal injury (T12) two years ago. Before my accident I had flown hang gliders, gliders and light aircraft. I am now re-training to renew my Private Pilots Licence in a Piper Cherokee 140 with a Vision Air hand control. Hopefully I can satisfy the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority who have given me a long list of requirements.  Best Regards to all! Gerard Payne
Rob Rickards I had a below the knee amputation 32 years ago and have been flying with an artificial leg for 31 years. Senior Training Capt on B737 with Qantas Airways Australia.  www.wheelieswithwings.com.au

Dave Sykes Just thought I'd let know for your list I'm a paraplegic microlight pilot on trikes and 3 axis and covered over 28,000 miles and over 600hrs over the last 10 years.

Sokratis Karavidas  Hello from Greece. I`m a 38 years old pilot living in Ioannina (Greece) and 5 years ago I had a bad crash while I was paragliding. I felt from 10 meters and had spinal cord injury at level O1-O2-T12 and after 4 surgeries I can walk with some difficulty and still can fly. I have license for gliders and ultralight aircrafts and I'm a member of the Aerathletic Club Of Ioannina (www.lai.gr). You can put me in the list with other disabled pilots and I'd like to know if there is any organization to protect me from an employ at our airport from Civil Aviation Authority who believes that I must not fly cause I'm disabled!!!!!! Thank you anyway Best regards from Greece, Sokratis Karavidas

Michael Boland I live in Rhome Texas, I hold FAA Private pilot rating and FAA Airframe & power plant mechanics rating.  I'm deaf & left arm amputee.  I mostly Fly Cessna C-172's  just bought into a partnership today.
Michael Hackett I am a thri paligic brown-sequard  and I have a non SODA MEL IFR FAA License.  I own and fly a Baron C55 (N8900H).  My wife is an ATP and flew for AA. Now flying gyro’s.
Gordon McCaw Griffith New South Wales Australia. I'm a 59 year old T12 paraplegic, I gained my GA licence in 2005 and fly an Archer II.  I am currently looking for a hand control that can be fitted to Cessna 172, can you help me?

Fides Barry Amputee Trike Pilot in CAPE TOWN, SA CLICK HERE TO SEE HIS TRIKE

Mark Edworthy  Commercial Pilot and Flying Instructor, also a CAA Authorized Display Pilot.  Flying Vintage Tiger Moth Biplanes for fun. I had polio as a child, wear calipers on my legs and use a wheelchair. Flying unmodified aircraft!

Charles J. Vorves Sr.   Phoenix, AZ.  Cardinal aircraft.

Hang-gliding accident in 1976 that partially severed his spinal chord at T-12

 Kim Blackseth C-5 QUAD! FLYING A 1946 Ercoupe 415D N2332H I designed and built the various modifications and hand controls.   

DALE BARRY     click here to read his story PARAPLEGIC PILOT  GA

Dwight Leiss  a disabled flight instructor T8 paraplegic. http://www.pacificcrestaviation.com/index.php GA

Alessandro Paleri    Italy     35yo quadriplegic since 1987, pilot since 1999 and Aerospace Engineer since 2002.See videos of  me using quadriplegic hand controls on YOUTUBE > http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=alpaleri www.baronirotti.net  

Shad Dahlgren  Private pilot’s license in a Piper Colt as an L1 paraplegic.   

Settje Agri-Services and Engineering, Inc. 4700 W. Rock Creek Rd. Raymond , NE   68428 (402) 783-2100

Steve Byrne Gold Coast, Australia. Paraplegic for over 20 years and a GA pilot for more than 4 years. See Steve's awsome website: http://www.parapilots.com/index.htm

David A. Whiteley of Houston, TX. is a  52 year old  that is VFR/IFR Certified. A (T-12 L-1) paraplegic that flies a Skyhawk to Utah annually & is a volunteer pilot for Challenger Air flying disabled people on free rides!

Gary King  Aberdeen, SD  1978 Piper Turbo Arrow  Amputee

Chad Colley of  New Smyrna Beach, FL. triple amputee flying a Cessna Cardinal

Gary Gustafson   paraplegic Flying an Earth Odyssey Ultralight Trainer                    Read ASC Article about Gary! page 2  page 3

 Manuel Gangloff  French Pilot licence number: TT 02 05 0005402

Hugh Metherell  Charlotte, NC above the knee amputee flying an ’85 MX.
Tim Lasher   CFI in Clearwater, FL.  Missing Left Hand, Cessna 172 www.clearwaterflightservices.com
Max Harth 55 yr old quad Pilot & ASC BFI. I fly a Rans S 12 in Switz City, IN Director of ASC Disabled Pilots Wing.

John de Frayssinet Britian Pilot with over 500 hours AIRSPEEDER! www.airspeedrecord.cd2.com

Arthur Piercy IF YOU CAN'T WALK- FLY! C6 , 7 Quad  PPL – in a Cherokee 235 using Vision Air Hand Controls.  www.projectdreamwings.co.za

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." --T. S. Eliot 

Scott Cook  One arm  www.pacificcoastwings.com

Mark Felling  MN. Quad http://www.markfelling.com/

Esteban Ortiz  T-10 PARA Ecuador South America

Michael Cooper   Saginaw, MI.  Quad, Powered Parawing Pilot.

André Goosen Nelspruit South Africa PARA-BANTAM

Tiffany Perry of Hamilton New Zealand SCI Fly's a BANTAM

Mr Hilton-Barber.  Duffield, Derbyshire.  Amazing Blind Microlight Pilot. http://www.mileshilton-barber.com 

Dave Thompson  (left arm amputee) pilot with SEL/MEL IFR/VFR ratings

Russel Metlitzky  T3-4 para,I fly paragliders   His articles

Mark MacDonald  WI. above knee amp. Fly 1975 Grumman Tiger

Kris Van Nuffel  Para FK9 (OO-E57) 912 Belgium - Europe


John Olsen  aka Ole   WA.  AFI Triker, HangGlider

Bob Vogle  HangGlider

John Kemmeries  AZ. AFI 

Brian Cannell Wiltshire, UK

Theron Wright  TX. GA

Ben Showers Triker

Lars Taylor ParaGlider

Mike Staberg para Powered Parachute

Rog Patterson   Has a bad leg &  Fly's a Weedhopper and more!

Dan Buchanan HangGlider

Bruce Banks 3-axis & Trikes

Jean Bergeron Triker & Para-Aviation Inc.

Sean Walsh 3-axis and Trikes

Ron Lindenfield Sailplane

Sally Tucker Hearing Impaired Paraglider, Trike &Hangglider Pilot

Michelle Cook HangGlider Chic

Gary Munro, quad flying a Beaver UL in BC, Canada!

Derek Kershaw  Triker in South Africa

Mark "Paco" Overson Triker

Michael Amtmann   Piper PA 28 in Germany w/ Homemade handcontrols!

Luc Piercy  French Triker

F. Alexander Brejcha Para GliderPlane

Philip Scott Quad GA

Chris Eadie para Triker

Dave Millar

Dug Smith Microlighter  

Allen Topel Pterodactyl

Ron Doggett  Amp Triker   CA.

Mike Smith para  IWA

Charles Boehnlein   Ky.  PPC

Chuck Smith  GA New Braunfels, TX.

John de Frayssinet  Britain GA

Paul Zimmerman quad GA
Chippewa Falls, WI

Jason Vogelsberg  Amp Experimental
 Crestwood, KY   

Jerrold S. Petrofsky  Para GA

John Fry GA amp. Vinita, OK

Keith Nunn

Richard Logan para GA

Mindy Desens para GA

Leroy Diekman para GA

Brett Willatt para GA

Rick Amber quad GA

Paul Chatterton
Chris Hargraves
Ewald Tritscher
Michael Clinton  Streak Shadow Pilot
Chris Starbuck
Frank "Tip" Rogers HangGlider
Wheelchair ParaGlider Pics

Steve Slade

John MacGuire

In memory of  Ken Strong Triker  REST IN PEACE

In memory of  Rick Amber TX. GA ***REST IN PEACE

In memory of  "Rode" Rodewald  REST IN PEACE

In memory of  Lee Hamilton REST IN PEACE

More Extreme people
Greg Wickenberg Quad
If you are a disabled pilot or know of one that can join the list, please send me an e-mail.  If you're already on the list and have a site you want to link,  please send it to me. Let me know of any updating needed or not working links too!

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