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The main structural spars in our wings are made of the highest quality aircraft grade aluminum available to us. To further insure our quality control we have tubing specially manufactured for us. This allows us to maintain the integrity of strength while reducing the over all weight of the wing. The ribs that are critical at introducing the camber in the wing are made of 7075-T6 aluminum. The high tensile alloy tubing ribs will keep their shape even after 100's of hours of flying. All our hardware is specially made for North Wing. We are very proud of our well designed, robust hardware. We believe our quality will earn your respect for its strength, easy to use and appealing looks. At North Wing we spare no expense when it comes to top quality hardware, materials and workmanship. Furthermore, only aircraft grade fasteners are used in our products. The design of the sail cloth is very important to how a wing will fly. With this in mind we bring in only the highest grade Dacron sail cloth that meets our tough requirements.


Quest 14.5

At North Wing we have long realized that trike wings are a special breed, separate from Hang Gliders. Trike wings require very different design criteria, special materials and construction techniques not found in Hang Gliders. One cannot simply add more tubing to a Hang Glider and hope to achieve the strength, performance and service life of a true trike wing.

About NORTH WING Products
I would like to give you a little insight to North Wing and our product. Our number one goal from the beginning of North Wing was to focus on delivering a quality product and making the product inexpensive to own. In short you need to look at the COST of owning an Ultralight and not just up front PRICE. I saw a lot trikes being built here in the U.S., most of which were made in somebody's garage one at a time. Although they were inexpensive their quality had much to be desired….thus “cheap”. In 2 years that customer may put enough new parts, upgrades and labor (which could be time spent flying) that he could have bought quality to start with and been better off.
So, our mindset for this industry became this: just as if you were to buy a new motorcycle we feel you should expect superior quality when purchasing an Ultralight. Now we could use less expensive material in our Trikes but we choose to use the best quality material available to us. We use only 6061 aircraft grade tubing extruded with rounded corners not square. The main back frame structural areas are made with 4130 steel. The dual mast is also 4130 steel and strengthening reinforcements are welded into structural joints. Although we could make the fiberglass parts ourselves, we decided to pay a little more and have a company whose sole purpose is to manufacture high quality aircraft parts produce our fiberglass bodies.

Our manufacturing procedure is also of the highest quality, this is to insure that when you need replacement parts they will fit in place with ease. We do this by using CNC water jet cutting, CNC mill work and lathe and high quality alignment jigs for welding parts. This costs a little more but it is well worth it.



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"Two Place Instructional Trike"
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