Krucker Floats designed by Krucker Manufacturing Limited are specially made for trikes only. These unique patent pending design floats are the only floats that do not require a splashguard or skirt to keep the water from spraying into the prop or on the pilot.

These floats allow two passengers with a fast wing to fly off the water with only a 503 and a B-box. You're not flying a "second" wing and can't "porpoise" or do any of the scary things associated with floats designed for 3-axis craft. You get all the visibility that land trikes enjoy with the view that's only available to those that can fly low and slow over the water.

Krucker floats are made from 5052 aluminum, the same used for pontoon boats, weighing only 93lbs mounted. Using the same material that boats are made of, we are able to weld all seams instead of using rivets so they don't leak. With three chambers per float they combine to over 1800 lbs of floatation. They are unequalled in performance and stability. Due to our two step design the trike is very stable on water and will go up on step immediately because the weight of the trike is now distributed on two areas instead of one.

The floats and the rigging are powder coated with your choice of color from our color chart. We have made a universal mounting system that will fit every trike.

Krucker floats are now on Cosmos, Airborne Redbacks, Tukans, BB Trikes, Top Dog, Apache and the Aquilla with newly designed mounting hardware.

Float capacity: approximately 900 pounds each

Weight: 44 pounds per float

 Also available in Amphibious

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 We will crate and ship a set of floats with mounting hardware anywhere in the world!

Krucker Fixed Wing Ultralight Floats

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