Esteban Ortiz Paraplegic Trike Pilot

Hi, my name is Esteban Ortiz I'm T-10 Paraplegic and I'm from Ecuador
South America. The model that I have is an Airborne Classic with
Rotax 582 that my Brother In Law and I  bought like 8 months ago. 

My story its quite similar at Scott's story, I'm a 35 year old and I become
paraplegic like 18 years ago  in a car accident and like Scott I've always
been an active disabled person, I'm play basketball, drive ATV's ( I
have a Honda Pilot) ,  I'm a scuba diver and I love to fish and hunt.
Like Scott I found that Outdoor activities make's me forget about my
paralysis and live my life as best as possible and I think that my
life its much much better than other people with out disabilities.

Attached there is some pictures of the flight's that we made in Ecuador

Best Regards,               

Esteban Ortiz

Preparing to takeoff.

Flying Together.

What a View!


Happy Pilots



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