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 Is now an East Coast Dealer for the Spartan DFS Convertible Ultra-lights aka Microlight Aircrafts! As well as all the North Wing Hangglider and Trike Wings!

 Thank you for your interest in our line of products. The DFS Single and DFS Dual are the only fiberglass/Kevlar/Carbon composite aerodynamic Microlights in the world that combines two planes in one. Made with ACCT (Advance Composite Construction Technology). Now available as a two place Trike or PPC (DFS Dual). In our web site you can view a video clip, view many pictures or read detailed product information (prices-specifications). All DFS Microlights are now available as a kit or ready to fly.

Ritchie's 1st flight in his Single Place Spartan Trike with a Northwing.


Spartan Prices and Specification Sheet.

This make of Trike is flown by several disable Pilots around the world, Including me Sean Scott.

Magazine Articles

Our Products have been tested reviewed by top aircraft writers and articles published in many publications all over the world since 1988. We will try to upload as many old and new articles as possible.

Kitplanes Magazine!:  DFS Dual Trike/PPC February 2004

Ultralight Flying Magazine: DFS Dual Trike/PPC August 2003

Experimental Magazine: DFS Dual Trike/PPC Summer 2003

Sun & Fun Airshow Fly-In. April 13-18 2004

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Spartan Price and Spec Sheet.

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 We are also a Dealer of the unique BP (backpack) Parawing line, which is the best and #1 Selling Power-Paraglider in the market. Our products featuring the most reliable engines and wings in the world. With a horse power range from 16 Hp to 120 Hp we can cover all your flying needs. Our engine brand name includes Rotax, Hirth the Simonini Mini 2 plus, the MZ34 , and the new Radne Raket motor for the BP Parawing Super light (34 lbs*), with our special made for safe power flying paragliding/gliding Spartan chutes and wings flying it's easy and fun.

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Other Spartans & Other Pre-owned PPC's