My Tandem Memorial Day Skydiving Photos!

Not many people that walk get to experience the thrill of Skydiving. Even fewer people in a wheelchair get to feel the adrenalin rush of a freefall.  Flying is something I love to do I guess that is why the word AIR is in my wheelchair, Because I love to get air in one way or the other.  I just wish the feeling you get Skydiving could last a little longer, the fall seems to go by awful fast making you want to do it again even more. I would say it's a legal drug that all the thrill-seeking people love to feel!  I guess to absorb all the feeling of the fall, you have to go-for-it several times to absorb enough to really remember the full experience. 

So I guess you know what I will be doing a few more times.

 If you are an active paraplegic skydiver, I would like to get your version of how to achieve it alone. If it has been done please let me know the best and safest way? My goal is to do a controlled freefall & landing un-assisted.

 Thanks for taking the time to surf my sites, Blue Sky To All That Fly!

 Sean Scott  

ps Click here to see how it is in my blood! 

Here are a few of the photos of my first jump.





I have more photos on the way. I hope to have a video clip of some of the fall on here soon.

If your a paraplegic and living in the Fayetteville/ Laurinburg, NC area and want to experience the feeling of a 13,500 ft jump and flying a parachute for a safe soft landing with a Licensed Instructor, Contact these guys for the flight of your life and tell them Sean Scott sent you! 

This is where you go to Freefall from 13,500 ft 


I'm making a list of disabled SKYDIVERS!

Male Jumpers                                                                               Female Jumpers       

Sean Scott Just 1 Tandem but more to come!  

Want to be listed? Email me

Bruce Towers G'Day , I started jumping march 1969, pranged a helicopter april 2006 ,did a tandem 3 way august 2008 , now slowly working on jumping solo again and flying aircraft and helicopters again. Life is different now but still
fantastic, thank everyone I am still here breathing.
Queenscliff, Victoriia Australia


Mark Imm Paraplegic with 5 Tandem Jumps! Pics1 & 2

Coral Degagne Over 200 Tandem jumps!

Russel Metlitzky  Base Jumper/Paraglider 

Julia Moloney Disabled Grandmother!

Swasie Turner   A Fund Raising Parachuter

Grace Laframboise A Paraplegic in Manitoba, Canada. 1st Jump in 7-1988! Still jumps once every summer!

Conrad Nagiah C6/7 incomplete, PICS

Multiple Tandem Jumps! South Africa.

Minna Mettinen-Kekalainen 41 yrs old  C-6 Quad Woman. Sudbury Ontario Canada Just 1 Tandem but more to come!   EMAIL ME FOR THE VIDEO!
Rich Tke  Quad Ulster County, NY  PICS
Peter Hewitt, I am a L1 Para living in Johannesburg South Africa PICS

'The Disc-ateers website'

Denton French Melanie Close
Andrew Blackledge Margaret Cropper
Rakhi Amin Elaine Roderick
Lenny St.Jean Chris Baybutt
David Williams Elizabeth Bell
Peter Barnes Beverley Bartlett
Carol Catterall-Maguire

If you know of someone that jumps or want to be on the list yourself, Email me

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