Ramphos Amphibious For Sale!

This is the actual Ramphos for sale.

This is an ultralight "Trike" style flying boat with retractable landing gear. It is evolved from a flying inflatable boat design (FIB - another manufacturer) which has been flying worldwide for over 15 years. This new version has a hull made of fiberglass, marine plywood, and stainless steel. It has retractable landing gear, and is fully capable of land and water operations. It is capable of carrying two persons with a combined weight of 450#. It is powered by the industry standard 2 cycle motor made by Rotax which produces 64 horsepower driving a composite 3 blade propeller. The brand is RAMPHOS, which is in current production in Italy and is being sold worldwide, so obtaining replacement parts is not problematic. In addition to the standard equipment this craft is equipped with a noise reducing propeller safety ring, electric start, analog gage set, and a choice of wings. It is owned by the importer who has the 2003 model in stock and wants to sell his last year's craft. This aircraft won BEST TYPE TRIKE award at the prestigious Spring fly-in this year staged by the Experimental Aircraft Association called Sun N Fun, and has been pictured in several industry magazines. There is general agreement that RAMPHOS represents the state of the art in Amphibious Flying Boats, and has the reputation for being extremely stable on the water, and a great flyer as well. If you remove the wing, this aircraft becomes a capable "airboat" style of yacht tender, with wheels to run right up a boat ramp, which gives immense versatility. The hull color is red and white.

             Sun and Fun 2003


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