This Monopole antenna has been designed for the use on the VHF Air band with our focus on the Microlight aka Trike and Ultralight market. The TT2000 has been manufactured using high grade components to ensure long life under extreme Australian conditions, and is UV protected.

Easy Installation!

Many Aircraft operators use a length of steel cut to a preset length to operate their radio on, with no knowledge of its tuning. Why would you spend hundreds of dollars on a radio system only to install an antenna that reduces the performance of your transmission, and could easily damage your output transistors if not tuned correctly?


Black Widow Antenna Package.

The TT2000 has been designed to operate as a dipole system as used in many commercial aircraft, with the knowledge that most pilots do not have antenna tuning equipment. The TT2000 has been factory tuned so no adjustment is needed, just fit and forget. The TT2000 will give you a full 3db gain over a standard wave antenna, effectively doubling your output power. The antenna will give its best performance if installed in a vertical position, but if space is a problem can also be installed in a horizontal position.


Mounted on Trike Wing Kingpost.

Installation is easy with the use of the plastic ties supplied. The antenna is fully shielded and can be mounted directly to any surface with the thin fibreglass section at the top. Mounting from the thicker base section made from UV stabilized Polycarb. If mounting on a kingpost above the wing, the fiberglass section can extend above the kingpost height.


If mounting on a Trike kingpost the 15ft Monopole Extension Cable will need to be fitted, enabling easy removal of the wing with the BNC quick release couplings supplied on the Monopole Extension Cable. The antenna can remain on the king post when wing is packed in wing bag.



Wave Dipole (monopole)

3db gain

1.1   - 1.5 Standing Wave Ratio (pre tuned)

Impedance  50 ohms

BNC connection

Polycarbonate / UV stabilized coating

  High impact fibreglass rod


 Radiation Transmission Pattern.   


Antenna Package contains all mounting hardware. quick clips and cable (extends to just below hang point)

15ft Monopole extension cable package contains quick clips for fixing & 15ft cable with BNC male to Female

Get More BITE out of Your Transmission

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