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Scott's Trike Center is an importer of the COSMOS Ultralight Trikes, LaMouette Trike Wings, LaMouette Hanggliders, Powered Paragliders and Paragliders. 

As well as the Polaris FIB's  AKA Flying Inflaitable Boat & SKIN Trikes, Krucker Trike Floats, Full-Lotus Ultralight Floats, Spartan Powered Parachutes and Trike Ultralights, PARAGLIDER Backpack Systems, North Wing Hanggliders and Trike Wings, RAMPHOS Amphib, TrikeTec Components and Black Widow Ultralight Radio Antennas  These are TOP manufactures of many high quality Champion Ultra-light Aircraft and Accessories!

  Scott's Trike Center can pre-adapted their Trikes for the disabled customers needs!

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Help support the Flight-Ability's "Get out of that wheelchair and into the air" Program!

Time to get off the ground !

Haven't you ever just wanted to fly away? It's time to pursue that dream of yours and learn to fly!

It's easy to do and you can even own your own aircraft!

 Flying is an experience you will love for the rest of your life. Only a small group of people get the guts to go-for-it and take the ride of a life time. And even a smaller group learn to do it solo. Didn't you ever wonder what it's like to fly like a Eagle? Don't miss that chance when it comes around to you! 

Hand-controlled flying has grown in popularity since the Federal Aviation Administration approved portable hand controls for wheelchair bound pilots. International Wheelchair Aviators (IWA) offers advice on procedures required for obtaining medical clearance and information on rudder hand controls to those interested in learning to fly Gliders and General Aviation airplanes like the Cessna and other fixed wings. Tim Lasher   is a General Aviation CFI in Clearwater, FL.  His disability is a missing left hand. He instructs in a Cessna 172 Tim's website is

Kris Van Nuffel Paraplegic FK9 Pilot Belgium

Hanggliding has always been a popular sport and easliy adaptable to the disabled. Usually with just a little help, you can be set into the harness and thrown off the side of a mountain into flight.

Hanggliding Videos For Sale.

Paragliders and Powered Parachutes are a popular aircraft for disabled pilots also. That are easily transported and more affordable then most aircraft. Here is a photo of Russel Metlitzky, a T-3 ,4 paraplegic. He is also a Base Jumper! And Jedrzej Jaxa-Rozen from Poland. a T-9 paraplegic from a paragliding accident he had in 1998 .  Since 2000 he fly's again quite normal, on various airfields and with good results.

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Russel Metlitzky

Jedrzej Jaxa-Rozen

Paragliding Videos For Sale. 

If your on a budget, Microlights also known as Trikes in the USA, are a popular option for the disabled Pilot. Trikes are easy to get into as well as easily adaptable, transportable and affordable compared to the General Aviation aircrafts. And you can keep it in your garage!


Trikes are flown using your hands only anyways, so the only thing you have to do as far as adapting goes is make a groundsteering handcontrol with a handbreak attached to steer the Trike while it's on the ground. Along with some type of hand throttle.  

Click here to see the Cosmos Phase II Trike Landing.

Outright World Airspeed Record Broken by Disabled Couple. 

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More Neccessary INFO!

Ultra-Light Classifieds For Sale in the USA!

America's Trike Instructors


EAA and ASC FAR103 Exemption Rules for 2 place flying.

Certification of Aircraft and Airmen for the Operation of Light-Sport Aircraft

My Triking Story

Buy a Trike Video INFO Packet for $15.00 & Shipping

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 List of  Disabled Aviators


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